Hotel X Toronto Jobs In Canada For Sponsorship 2023

Hotel 10x It is located in the city of Toronto in Canada, at present around 300 to 500 workers work and this hotel gives good facilities to its employees like they get a good salary and rent allowance for the house they live in. The company also gives a travelling allowance for commuting and taking out insurance, whenever an employee gets sick, he can be treated for free and at the same time, it is available to the employees once a year as a trip.

So that the employees can get involved in the company, the company gives these facilities to its employees on a large scale and many candidates apply for jobs in this company so that they can get all these facilities very easily. If you want to apply for the job in this hotel now, you also have to send your resume to the recruitment officer of this company by email.

Details Of Employer

This hotel branch is in three countries, one of which is Canada, the other is the United Kingdom and the third is Hungary, in these three countries, this hotel has branches with different names and even there there are very famous hotels like hotels and Even their people go to consume for the convenience of the company, many tourists visiting here especially and completing their two-four-day trip by staying in this hotel, people enjoy the convenience of this hotel very much.

Like it, only then many people spend their time in this hotel, here the swimming pool in the hotel is near here to see the sunset in all tourist sports, if you also want to come to this hotel as a tourist, then you can visit this hotel. I can come well and enjoy your tourist plan trip, at present, there are many vacancies available in this hotel for the UK country, if you are looking to apply for the job, then you can write your CV and cover letter below You can send it by e-mail to the Recruitment Officer or you can also send by post.

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Vacancy Details Of Hotel X Toronto Jobs In Canada
Housekeeping Attendant
Kitchen Helper
Kitchen Steward
Commi I
Laundry Assistant
Room Attendant
Bell Boy
Hotel X Toronto Jobs In Canada For Sponsorship
Hotel X Toronto Jobs In Canada For Sponsorship
Job Details Of Hotel X Toronto

Today’s vacancy is in Canada, so here most of the waiter job requirements are there, after that housekeeping, attendant room attendant and cleaner, and chef, there is a requirement for all these positions if you are looking to apply for all these vacancies. So by clicking on the link given above, you can apply for the job of your choice, but to apply for all these jobs, you should have 2 to 4 years of experience in any field and your English language should be very good at speaking. and you should have a good nature

Job Responsibility

If you want to work in a hotel then you should come to do all the below-mentioned work or else it is necessary to have experience

  • You must be able to clean the guest room
  • You should be able to change the bed and pillow cover in the guest room and should be able to decorate the bed well.
  • The bathroom should be cleaned properly using chemicals and the windows should be cleaned.
  • Should be able to do all the work in the kitchen like cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the utensils.
  • The chef should help in cutting vegetables and help in his work.
Job Requirement
  • Required experience minimum of two years in the related field.
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and how to use them.
  • Knowledge of glass cleaning chemicals.
  • Abel to speak the English language.
  • Abel is to work three shifts day, shift second shift, and night shift.
  • Required excellent communication skills.
  • You get good career opportunities.
  • you get a good monthly salary.
  • health insurance is provided to you.
  • weekly off for 2 days.
  • improve your language and personality.
  • Learning many more activities.
Job Salary

If you are wanting to work in Canada and you do not know how much the salary is there in a hotel job, then today I am going to tell you that if you go to work there then you will get at least 18 Canadian dollars there. If you work 160 hours in 1 month, then you will get a salary there according to $18. If you get from then you can get a salary of $ 2880 for 1 month and if you get a salary according to $ 22 then you can get a salary of $ 3520 for 1 month

Required Language

If you want to work in Canada, then you have to pay more attention to 2 languages, of which you all know that it is your English language but in the English language, you should know how to speak Fluent English, you should know how to read and write. You must have a Certificate of English Language Completion IELTS Course.

And the second language is the French language, although this language is very old, it is spoken in many countries and in the world this language is spoken the most after the English language, if you do not know this language, then go on. will go but you have to learn this language.

How To Apply for Hotel X Toronto Jobs In Canada

If you are looking to apply for this job then you have the ability to fulfil the above requirements then you can submit your resume by clicking on the link given below.

Thanks for applying for hotel x Toronto jobs in Canada recruitment contact you very soon…

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