Welbee’s Supermarket Jobs In Malta For Sponsorship 2023

Welbees invites you to join our team. We have a diversified chain of positions that offer you the to work in your passion and utmost potential. Welbee’s offers you more than just a job and also enhances your required knowledge to your liking. Our protocols are somewhat different from others. If you don’t find yourself

suitable for the below-mentioned post. We encourage you to help yourself to fill out our open application or the one which does not suit your skills. We are looking forward to having your open application and hiring you.

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Following Available Supermarket Jobs In Malta 2023

These are some of the listed categories that you can apply to that welbee offers and These are some of the categories that are open and you can apply for

Sales Assistant
Store Manager
Client Relations
Online pickers
Warehouse Assistant
Counter Assistant
Open Application
Welbee's Supermarket Jobs In Malta For Sponsorship
Welbee’s Supermarket Jobs In Malta For Sponsorship

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Cashier Supermarket Jobs In Malta 2023

The cashier is one of the essential services that is needed for every production rendering Centre as cashier service makes a customer’s shopping experience satisfying.

Responsibilities you need to look after
  • Being humble towards customers gives you the advantage of making their shopping experience more delightful. With a certain knowledge of sales and products, you become eligible for answering certain customer doubts regarding products or sales.
  • You should always be prepared in the cashpoint for providing the counted bill the customer owns for shopping with efficiency to counting the money the customer owns and providing the change and be familiar with the debit and credit card processing system.
  • Maintaining a verified count of money for a day sale and counting it at the beginning and end of the shift
  • Be aware of customers’ loyalty cards for discount offers
  • Packaging the product for sale to customers also comes as a big responsibility.
Requirement Needed
  • Having a charming and decent attitude and personality.
  • Having a detailed attention
  • Good interactive quality.

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holders are stackers. The way you arrange products on shelves to make them look organized and tidy gives customers a good impression.

  • Make sure all shells are filled with new products and always tide and look a feeling for the customer
  • The products which you find close to the expiry date maintain them in the front display
  • You have the responsibility of placing products from stock on the store shelf by removing the pallets, cardboard, and another packaging.
  • Make sure to update every item’s price accordingly if there is any price change among products.
  • Before the end of a few shifts make sure to bring back the product to the front of the shelf to give it a look of fullness and compliance.
  • As you are constantly motioning on the shopping floor make sure you see the opportunity of greeting customers and placing your knowledge for any products you know about.
Requirement Needed
  • Appealing and humble attitude
  • Humble and excellent customer approach
  • Eye-to-eye details
Client Relations

Your work always stands behind the counter. You should have a humble and confident approach to the customer and make sure that their experience is always better than what they expected.

Responsibilities you need to look after
  • You should always have updated information on every product. As you can be considered as the company’s spokesperson.
  • You should always be answerable to customers over their doubts and questions with a humble approach.
  • Having an efficient and pleasant way to meet customer needs gives you a good remark on your position.
  • Try to assist customers with loyalty cards to fill out forms and other formalities that the shop will take.
  • Try to get a good grasp of the latest poster, direction, and information for more upgrades of your position and knowledge.
Online Pickers

They prepare all shopping recruitment via the Internet from customers.

Responsibilities you need to look after:-

  • Picking orders from different customers from the shop floor.
  • Ensuring the right product and quality.
  • Having quality control for maintaining a good product and looking after its expiration date or any other damage.
  • Working with company drivers for fast delivery.
  • Having a say in the word over the customer relations team for any issue.

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Requirement Needed
  • Positive attitude and approach towards customers.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic personality
  • Good English speaking skills.
Counter Assistant Job Description

You should have good knowledge and assisting power for customers to get a good detail among different products arranged on the counter.

Responsibilities you need to look after:-
  • Maintaining an impressive and arranged stock presentation.
  • Having a creative approach to assisting the customer is a big responsibility to follow up. By offering or recommending products to customers and directing customers to get a quality product.
  • You have to be family with every comment and system
  • Maintaining our careful gesture of packaging products as some products can be fragile or delicate.
  • Checking every item my new please so no damage or other trouble should be faced by the customer.
  • While stocking makes sure to present the price tag with a visual approach for customers so it doesn’t create problems related to price.
Open Application Job Description

If you find yourself not suitable for the above categories. Welbee’s offers you to fill out the open form and let us know in what field you feel interested. We will make sure to help you with it through our open-call system.

How To Apply

Thanks for applying for the Welbees Supermarket job if selected your profile then call for an interview.

Fill out the form with the general information needed for your suitable field.

Your form will be showcased to our human resources department. With the quantity of the application. The candidates who will be qualified will be contacted for an interview. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Hiring Manager,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in the Cashier position in Malta,and I believe that my skills and qualifications make me a strong candidate for this opportunity.

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jyoti Verma, I am an experienced professional with a strong 5+ years of experience in Warehouse and Logistics, I have developed a deep understanding of Key Skills such as

    Inventory Management
    Customer Service
    Time Management
    Computer Proficiency
    Knowledge of Office Procedures
    Telephone Etiquette
    Quality Assurance
    Positive Attitude
    Data Entry

    I have attached my updated resume for your review, which provides a comprehensive overview of my professional experience, educational background, and notable achievements. It would be greatly appreciated if you could review my qualifications and consider me for any suitable positions that match my profile.

    Thank you in advance for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

    You can reach out to me on the below co- ordinates.


    Jyoti Verma
    Email – jyotiverma1701@gmail.com
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